Hacking has ended.


Start Time

End Time




9:00 am, Sunday

10:30 am


Pierpont Commons

10:00 am, Saturday

11:00 am

Opening Ceremony

Stamps Auditorium

11:30 am, Saturday

11:30 am

Hacking Begins

Duderstadt Library

11:30 am, Saturday

12:30 pm

Team Formation

Don't have a team yet? Join the team formation event to discuss ideas you'd like to hack on, and meet other hackers!

Design Lab 2

12:00 pm, Saturday

6:00 pm

Sponsor Exposition

Pierpont Commons

12:30 pm, Saturday

1:30 pm


Bob and Betty Beyster Building Atrium

2:00 pm, Saturday

2:45 pm

Workshop: Organization with Notion

With Notion

Design Lab 2

4:00 pm, Saturday

4:45 pm

Workshop: How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome in the Recruitment Process

With Uber

Design Lab 2

5:00 pm, Saturday

5:45 pm

Workshop: How to Become a 10x Developer Using the Terminal

With Warp

Design Lab 2

6:00 pm, Saturday

6:45 pm

Workshop: How to Start a Company, Raise a Million Dollars, and Get Your First 1000 Users

With Jam.dev

Design Lab 2

7:00 pm, Saturday

8:00 pm


Cottage Inn Pizza

Bob and Betty Beyster Building Atrium

8:30 pm, Saturday

9:15 pm

MLH Cup Stack

Take some time off of hacking to relax with our fun cup stack challenge.

Duderstadt Atrium

9:00 pm, Saturday

9:45 pm

Workshop: Intro to Large Language Models

With Michigan Data Science Team

Design Lab 2

10:00 pm, Saturday

10:45 pm

Workshop: Intro to React

Learn the basics of building frontend web apps in React with Michigan Hackers

Design Lab 2

11:00 pm, Saturday

11:45 pm

Workshop: Intro to Blockchain and On-chain Data

With College Dao

Design Lab 2

12:00 am, Sunday

12:45 am

Workshop: 0 to 1 for Startups

With Tour.Video (YC S21)

Design Lab 2

3:30 am, Sunday

5:00 am

Cricket World Cup Finals Watch Party


Design Studio

10:00 am, Sunday

12:00 pm


Bob and Better Beyster Building Atrium

11:30 am, Sunday

11:30 am

Hacking Ends

Duderstadt Center

12:30 pm, Sunday

2:30 pm


Remain at your hacking table.

Duderstadt Center

2:30 pm, Sunday

4:30 pm

Closing Ceremony

Chrysler Center 220